Relax. Socialize. Dot.

Expand the mind and socialize at a dotting workshop

Y Not Dot puts on dotting workshops for senior citizens. Dotting is a great way to socialize, have fun and keep the mind active. We can travel to your nursing home, rehabilitation center or retirement community to host a dotting workshop. All of the supplies will be provided, and our artist will help everyone in the workshop dot their rocks, wine bottles, wood planks or trinket boxes.

Schedule a rock dotting workshop at your senior living community by calling 208-996-4108 right away.

Dotting is for everyone

Dotting is for everyone

Y Not Dot hosts dotting workshops at senior living communities all over Idaho. Here are some things to keep in mind before your workshop:

  • You can wear any type of clothing, but it might get paint on it
  • We provide paint, a variety of canvases, dotting tools and aprons
  • There is no time limit on our workshops

Keep the senior citizens at your nursing home or retirement community happy by bringing a dotting workshop to them.