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Spreading Happiness, One Dot at a Time

Using dotting tools for a dot painting technique to create PERFECT circles in different sizes with no brush. Dotting is a painting technique that uses small spots to create intricate patterns and images.

Geoffrey Bardon, an Art Teacher for the children of the aboriginals people in Papunya originated this technique and is dated back to 1971,

He noticed that when the aboriginals were telling stories
they would draw symbols in the sand.
This technique when added to canvas is now internationally recognised as a unique painting style.

Dotting has a far more hidden meaning and a deeper purpose for me. I first put dot to canvas a year ago and it was not long that I knew this was what I wanted to do. Be a part of art that is beautifully aesthetic to the eye, disguise for the sacred meanings, behind the stories within the dot painting.

Y Not Dots is excited to support Idaho Rocks Kindness. We works at spreading positivity and kindness through rocks that are hidden all over the world. The rocks have encouraging messages and gorgeous patterns dotted on them. We're dedicated to helping you create beautiful, unique dotted rocks that will allow you to share happiness with complete strangers.

Once you're done with your one-of -a-kind work of art you can hide them anywhere. You never know who your positive, uplifting message might touch.

Idaho Rocks Kindness

Dot and hide rocks to share your message of positivity.

Idaho Rocks Kindness

An Art to Getting Older

We host dotting workshops at senior living communities.

An Art to Getting Older


Hire us to plan a dotting workshop at your school or workplace.



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4 good reasons to check out Y Not Dot

Every now and then, the world hits you with a message or a small sign of encouragement when you need it most. That's what The Idaho Rocks Kindness strives to do.

Y Not Dot isn't a brick and mortar store. We bring our artistic endeavor to schools, nursing homes, birthday celebrations, family reunions and corporate functions throughout the state of Idaho.

Customers love our dotting company because:

  • We help spread happiness
  • We supply paints, dotting tools and projects
  • We can travel to any location in Idaho
  • Share Happiness With Someone In Need

Throw a Unique Birthday Party

Y Not Dot can host a dotting workshop for your child's birthday party